• Since the late 80's I have been developing and using the many health benefits of massage therapy to bring relaxation, vitality and pain management to hundreds of bodies across the nation. Discovering my natural talent to bring relief to fellow co-coworkers while working in the film industry in the late 80's in Pittsburgh, my hands-on studies brought me west to Santa Fe, NM where I attended the Scherer Institute for Natural Healing and started a successful practice in New Mexico. Fifteen years later, in 2002, Colorado became my new home. I continue to practice massage under Colorado State Licensing and now is a NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy) certified aromatherapist and certified MRT (Muscle Release Technique sm) provider. I am currently enrolled at the Colorado School for Clinical Herbalism with the goal of becoming a certified herbalist as well. 

    My philosophy is that the body has innate wisdom to heal itself and asks only that we support it in the nature it was design to function in, rest, proper nourishment and movement. And when our bodies become out of balance, we offer it the nurturing and gentle nudge it needs to reset it’s compass in the direction of health.

    By combining the modalities of massage, MRT (muscle release technique), aromatherapy and herbal knowledge to each individual client's specific needs, medical conditions and compliance comfort, I aim to offer my clients relief and support of the body, mind and spirit for the best outcome of health in an ever challenging world. I also have highly qualified professional associates, in other holistic fields, that I can refer you to where needed to augment your health needs. Together we can become partners in your health!

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