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Well Through Smell

True Aromatherapy: What is this fragrant health modality?


The earliest recorded use of aromatic plants to enhance body, mind and spiritual health goes back to pre-historic humans as discovered by archeological digs in Eastern Europe, Iraq and other countries.  Even other primates have been observed using aromatic plants as a healthy practice in the wild. There are numerous biblical references, think Frankincense, Myrrh and Nard (as in Spikenard) to name a few. The Yellow Emperor wrote extensively about the benefit and use of aromatics in "The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor which was compiled over 2,000 years ago, which formed the basis of the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

It was not however until 1910, when a French chemist discovered the virtues of lavender via a lab accident during an experiment where he badly burned his hand and quickly plunged it into a nearby vat of liquid, which just so happened to be lavender essential oil. His burn healed so quickly and with so little scarring that he became inspired to further his research with essential oils, even using them with soldiers during the First World War. He also was the person to coin the term "Aromatherapie" or "Aromatherapy" as it translates to English. His name was Maurice Gattefosse.

Today we have not only empirical but also scientific research to support the evidence of the benefits of essential oils to support health of body, mind and spirit. Not all plants produce essential oils and of those that do, only a small portion are know to be therapeutic in dealing with the support of the human body. The vast majority of essential oils are used for cosmetics and perfumery industries, some for industrial purposes in household cleaning products for example and some as food flavorings in processed food production. 

Many essential oils on the market, for the use on or with the body, are not pure and natural, this is NOT aromatherapy. There are distributers that cut their oils with questionable carrier oils or extract them in non pure ways to make larger profits. Only pure, natural, well distilled essential plant oils should ever be used to aid in the healing processes of the body. Some e.o.s can be misused and even dangerous if contraindication are not considered with each individual person. Drug interactions, medical history and conditions, personal sensitivity and allergies, age and constitution are just some of th e considerations that need to be addressed when blending and suggesting essential oils for health improvement. For these reasons it is very important to seek the advise of a qualified practitioner.

As a NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherpy) approved, Certified Pratitioner and Professioanal Member, I will sit down with you in consultation and dialogue with you about your present medical conditions, lifestyle practices and personal style along with your ultimate goals in achieving optimal health before suggesting any forward actions using essential oils. We will realistically discern which applications may apply to your specific health needs as well as any life style adaptations and other  health modalities that may support your ultimate goals. 

Aromatherapy comes in many application forms, depending on the condition to be dealt with and can be useful in supporting the health condition of all the body systems. A few, but by no mean all, of the conditions that can be improved with the use of quality essential oils are depression, nervous exhaustion, immunity, hormone imbalance, head ache, skin conditions, muscular pain, nerve pain, attention deficit, menopausal symptoms, PMS, acne, viral infection, cold and flu, high blood pressure, wound healing, detoxification, cellulite, loss of appetite, hair loss, mental focus and more.

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